Clear Creek ISD is growing rapidly, particularly in District 5, which encompasses much of western League City. To keep tax rates low, and avoid asking taxpayers to fund new projects in the form of massive bond packages, CCISD must improve its long-range planning, avoid gratuitous short-sighted purchases, and provide much-needed transparency into how its funds are spent.

Twice in the last decade, CCISD asked its taxpayers to approve multimillion-dollar bond authorizations. The first, a $367 million bond in 2013, was supposed to bring much-needed repairs to aging schools. But a mere four years later, the voters were asked to pass a second bond, this time for $487 million.  Some of the project proposals slated to receive money from the first bond, such as foundation and exterior repairs to League City Elementary and roof repairs to Hall Elementary, showed up in the second bond package as well. 

In other words, funds were diverted from the 2013 bond – and are still being diverted today from the 2017 bond — to finance other projects, at the whim of the Board of Trustees, and out of sight of the public. As a CCISD taxpayer myself, I’m outraged by the hypocrisy: if the district is going to ask taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars, the money should be spent on the projects for which the bonds have been explicitly authorized. Anything else is a breach of the sacred trust of the taxpayers and voters.

I believe CCISD’s Board of Trustees has a responsibility to the taxpayers to ensure that bond funds are spent only on taxpayer-approved projects. It also has a duty to facilitate long-range planning that addresses aging infrastructure, so that taxpayers aren’t presented with endless bonds every few years in order to fund necessary capital improvement projects, like security upgrades to campuses, and to weed out any large purchases without a proper needs assessment.

As a Trustee, with your vote, I pledge to be accountable to taxpayers, and to:

  • Advocate for long-range planning to include proactive facilities maintenance
  • Ensure bond funds are allocated to approved projects only, addressing all schools that are due for improvements and repairs
  • Prioritize schools in greatest need of maintenance and repairs
  • Prepare for the inevitable district growth and expansion
  • Reject exorbitant expenditures and unnecessary spending

On May 1, we can vote to keep lowering our tax rates and curtail unnecessary spending, or we can continue to accept monolithic bonds and spending without accountability. Vote Christine Parizo for CCISD Board of Trustees, District 5, and vote for lower taxes and responsible spending.


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