Provide a High-Quality Education for Every Student

According to independent research, Clear Creek ISD is considered one of the top school districts in Texas. Not only does it rank highly for academic programs and achievement, but also for a broad range of extracurriculars and comprehensive special services. We have attracted some of the state’s best teachers and administrators who are dedicated to the success of every student. However, we must strengthen our support for these devoted professionals and avoid undercutting them with bad policies.

Teacher-Driven Curriculums for Student Success

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated shutdowns and quarantines have affected our classrooms in ways we don’t even know yet. Early research has found that, following school closures in 2020, students lost one and half months of learning in reading, and in mathematics, they lost the equivalent of three months of learning. We must not only focus on catching up but also empower our teachers to adapt curriculums to meet the unique needs of each student and avoid introducing divisive curriculum elements that will only serve as distractions.

We also must also make it a priority to uphold high standards for our children. Some education advocates believe schools should lower standards to help children who have struggled with hardships as a result of the pandemic. I believe this is the wrong choice. Students in CCISD are bright and hardworking, and we owe it to them to do everything we can to prepare them for successful futures. In 2020, when the Board of Trustees voted to remove letter and numerical grades for high school students and to remove the requirement for intermediate students to pass science and social studies, I believe we let our children down. Success in life often requires overcoming adversity, and I am confident that our students and our educators are always ready to rise to whatever challenges they face.

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I pledge that I will fight to:

  • Move toward teacher-driven curriculums and support policy that empowers our educators
  • Prioritize reimbursing teachers for supplies purchased with their own funds, above and beyond Texas Education Agency funding
  • Reinstate the requirement for intermediate school students to pass science and social studies, while ensuring those in danger of failing get the support they need
  • Keep divisive curriculums like CRT out of the classroom

On May 1, CCISD residents have a tremendous opportunity. We can vote to improve educational outcomes and solidify our standing as a high-performing school district, or we can continue a downward slide that fails to prepare our students for success. 

Vote Christine Parizo for CCISD Board of Trustees, and vote for high-quality education for every child in the district.

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