When my husband and I were first deciding where to buy a home in Texas six years ago, we did a lot of homework. Clear Creek ISD seemed like the logical choice: a high-performing district that would offer our children not only a high-quality education, but also grant them the opportunity to explore their talents, abilities, and interests.

Yet since moving here, we’ve seen CCISD enact policies that have hamstrung teachers. We’ve watched the Board of Trustees flagrantly violate the public trust, acting as if the people they serve are insignificant, ignoring committee recommendations, and even turning away from public outcry. And in my own children’s schools, I’ve seen how aging infrastructure is neglected, how bond funds are reallocated, and how hard it is to be heard.

Like any parent, I want what’s best for my children, and I haven’t been shy about speaking up for them. But navigating CCISD’s Byzantine policies and administrative structure has proven itself a nearly impossible challenge. As I have talked to other parents about these concerns, I learned that I am not the only one who has felt like I’ve run up against a brick wall, time and again.

What made me decide to run for the CCISD Board of Trustees myself was watching the way the district handled the COVID-19 pandemic. From removing the option of letter grades for high school students, to continually delaying the start of brick-and-mortar learning, I couldn’t help but notice how pleas from parents and students alike fell on deaf ears. I watched the Board of Trustees shrink away from voting — and going on the record — to delay a return to brick-and-mortar classes in favor of extended online learning. Not to mention ignoring the many parents and students who have struggled with the temporary – and mandatory – Clear Connections program.

I knew I had made the right decision when I saw the lack of transparency around the Superintendent hiring process. From the introduction of a single finalist to the gaslighting and arrogance in response to community concerns, I, like many parents and taxpayers, was horrified.

And so here I am, announcing my candidacy for the Clear Creek ISD Board of Trustees, District 5 position. If you live in League City — west of FM270 and south of the creek — you’re in my district. I invite you to click around on my website and check out my positions on the issues, and to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

I want to hear from you; I want to listen so that we can restore CCISD’s reputation as one of the best school districts in Texas, and most of all ensure success for every student.

I humbly ask for your vote on May 1.