Decisions affecting Clear Creek ISD students, families, and taxpayers must be made with public input, not behind closed doors. Constituents deserve to have visibility into the decision-making process, know well in advance when important decisions will be made, and receive the opportunity to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns and be heard. 

Unfortunately, the majority of decisions made by the Board of Trustees are cloaked in darkness, decided out of public view, and finalized with no real notice to the public. 

The only way to alter the behavior of the Board of Trustees and restore transparency to CCISD is to vote for change on the Board of Trustees.

Stacked Committees

When a decision of the highest importance needs to be made, CCISD typically convenes a committee comprised of parents, taxpayers, and professionals. Yet these committees are mostly for show, with the same two trends occurring over and over again:

  • A committee does not adequately represent the people who will be most affected by its recommendations. A prime example is the 2019 School Boundary Advisory Committee, in which the most severely affected neighborhoods did not have representatives on the committee.
  • A committee’s recommendations are ignored, as was the case with the recent School Start Times Committee.

Time and again, fundamental flaws with the way board-appointed committees are created and operated produce outcomes that adversely affect students, or at best leads to zero change.

Listening to Public Input

The Board has gaslighted the public multiple times by perpetuating false narratives. Here are just two examples:

  • The Board voted to remove letter/numerical grades for high schoolers during the spring shutdowns, then spent four hours on a video meeting telling parents and students why this was allegedly in their best interest. Students were not given a choice to use the shutdowns as an opportunity to improve their academic standing.
  • During the Superintendent selection process, only a lone finalist was presented. When the community wanted further investigation into allegations made by parents in his former school district, the Board refused. Its initial response was a podcast to imply that the community didn’t know what was best for them. 

Even when the public loudly objects to a Board of Trustees decision, to the point where public protest events take place, the board has still ignored anyone who disagrees with its decisions. Pleas too often fall on deaf ears; the Board’s “We know what’s best for you” approach is a familiar refrain.

No more. As a member of the Board of Trustees, with your vote, I pledge to:

  • Fight to rework existing policy so that trustees are not only encouraged, but also required to have a dialogue with their constituents
  • Advocate for the publication of upcoming monthly Board meeting agendas well in advance of the 72-hour legal requirement, ideally one week in advance of the meeting
  • Ensure that new policy is updated and easy to find, particularly ever-changing policy of vital public interest, like COVID-19 quarantines
  • Prioritize listening to and working with constituents, as well as the League City Council, to plan ahead for inevitable growth, including infrastructure requirements and to avoid detrimental conditions like portable classrooms
  • Promote adequate representation of affected constituents on committees, and ensure that any committee formed is not hamstrung by predetermined outcomes
  • Investigate loud opposition to recommendations and decisions.

The CCISD Board of Trustees is the last stop for many students and parents who, too often, have been let down by a monolithic bureaucracy. It is stated clearly on the CCISD website that the board is to serve as advocates for the children and families they represent, and to focus on the best interest of students. They are the guardians of public trust, and they work for their constituents. That means listening and ensuring full transparency. The board has failed in these areas repeatedly, and it’s time to do something about it.

On May 1, we can vote to pull back the curtain on decisions that affect students, families, and taxpayers – or we can continue to be left in the dark and gaslighted when we voice our concerns. Vote Christine Parizo for CCISD Board of Trustees, and vote for transparency.


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