DeAnna Scott, CCISD special education parent

Today Jonah Scott is a senior in high school, but his journey through the Clear Creek ISD special education program has been a difficult one, particularly during elementary school.

In this special Christine for CCISD video, Jonah’s mother, DeAnna Scott, recounts the struggles her son has faced throughout his time in CCISD.

She explains the impact of a CCISD special education system that is more interested in moving kids aside than teaching them the essential knowledge to pass state exams. She also details some of the many times Jonah was bullied, ignored, and even mistreated by CCISD teachers and administrators. Finally she recounts her battle with CCISD leadership, and how she had to go all the way to the top to get Jonah the resources he needed.

A vote for Christine is a vote for important changes in CCISD’s special education program. See Christine explain some of the changes she would make to special education in CCISD, in order to achieve success for every student.